Friendship House Newburg, Oregon

​​We are excited to share with you the opening of Friendship House Newberg on September 1, 2017. 
Friendship House Newberg is a 2400 square foot home located 10 blocks from the campus of George Fox University.  With three George Fox students residing in Friendship House on September 1 and two adults with intellectual disabilities (hereafter referred to as Friends) joining in October, opening Friendship House Newberg has been a wonderful and exciting adventure.   On November 11 and 12, the Rev Dr. Matthew Floding joined Friendship House Newberg for a wonderful Open House Weekend.  On Friday evening, George Fox students were the guests of Matthew for a lovely dinner held on the campus of George Fox University.  One of the favorite parts of the evening for students was the time spent with Matthew asking questions and hearing Matthew share stories about happenings in other Friendship Houses across the country.  On Saturday morning, Friend residents, student residents, families and members of the Mark 2 Board and staff joined Matthew for a lovely brunch once again held on the campus of George Fox.  One of the highlights of this morning was listening to Friends and student residents share the many activities and experiences they had experienced together in just 6 short weeks at Friendship House Newberg and the excitement they shared for the upcoming year. The weekend culminated with an Open House in the afternoon. Friendship House Newberg was filled of a wide variety of guests, including neighbors, volunteers who contributed to the remodel process, family and friends of student and Friend residents, and local community connections.  The excitement of this new opportunity being offered in Newberg through Friendship House was palpable.  It is safe to say that each individual left with a sense that they were a part of something amazing that God is doing in Newberg, and excited to see what that would mean.


Friendship House Newberg is a partnership between George Fox University, Friendship House Partners USA, Mark 2 Ministries, and local churches and businesses, and volunteers.  George Fox University has embraced Friendship House and been actively involved in its start up by reaching out to its students and sharing the message of how Friendship House fits the mission of George Fox for all students Be Known through community and relationship building.  Mark 2 Ministries is a local organization whose mission it is to adults experiencing intellectual developmental disabilities to have the opportunity to live independently, be meaningfully involved in community and relationships.  Local churches, businesses, and volunteers have joined the vision and provided many volunteer hours toward the remodel of Friendship House as well as welcomed Friendship House residents into their community and church bodies.    Friendship House will continue to reach out to new partners as it begins the planning for a second Friendship House in the not so distant future!