Rev. Daniel DeVries [Board Chair], pastor of the Forest Grove Reformed Church, Hudsonville MI and former resident director in Friendship House—Holland/Western.

Matthew Floding [Vice-Chair], director of Ministerial Formation and Field Education, Duke Divinity School,

Katherine Dickson, Director of Vocational Discernment & Community Engagement at Methodist Theological School in Ohio

Greg Little, former Friendship House RA at Friendship House Durham and staff member at Reality Ministries

Jess Berryhill, Resident Director at Terre Haute Friendship House and Student Ministry Director at Mount Pleasant UMC

Tiffany Jones, former resident director of the Vanderbilt Divinity Friendship House community in Nashville, Tennessee

Conrad Mutschler, parent of a friend resident in the Friendship House—Holland; Treasurer

Scott Cameron, M.D., planted Friendship House—Fayetteville/Campbell University and Methodist University in partnership with Highland Avenue Presbyterian Church